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As real estate professionals, we have power.  Will we act as trusted guides who help clients and communities flourish, or will we lock people out of the benefits of homeownership?

This week, NAR launched its new Fair Housing simulation training called Fairhaven to analyze your level of adherence to and understanding of Fair Housing laws.

In this simulation training, you will work through scenarios addressing fair housing issues in real estate. You will be asked to address the scenarios, and if you are having trouble meeting the fair housing principles, you will be given more scenarios to ensure you understand and learn the objectives.

The aim of this simulation is to help you:

  1. Identify potentially discriminatory conduct by agents, clients and others involved in real estate transactions.
  2. Apply fair housing principles and practices to prevent or address discriminatory conduct of those involved in real estate transactions.
  3. Recognize that implementing inclusive business practices will benefit your reputation and bottom line.
  4. Recognize the risks associated with engaging in discriminatory conduct.
  5. Recognize the impact of discrimination in the real estate market on real people’s lives.